Pascale Coutanceau

Psychotherapist with a focus on gifted adults

Born in France, I moved to Norway about 25 years ago. After working a long time as a teacher, I decided that I needed a career change. I became a gestalt therapist and established my therapy practice in Arendal, the little town where I live in Southern Norway: Arendal Psykoterapi og Utvikling (which translates as Arendal Psychotherapy and Development).

Gestalt therapy is an approach which brings the whole of our being into focus: body, thoughts, and feelings. The way in which everything is interconnected is also deeply relevant, me in relation to myself, to others and to my surroundings.

I got my diploma in 2016 from the Oslo Institute of gestalt therapy. My focus as a therapist turned gradually toward giftedness as I realized that many of the clients who came to me were, in fact, gifted. I don’t limit my practice to working with gifted clients, but it often happens that the gifted naturally come to me.

You can see my resume here.

How I can help you

My mission as a therapist is to contribute to better mental health and quality of life. My vision of the world is one where people are more connected to themselves and to the world around them. In my experience, listening, recognizing and supporting others helps them live a better life. At the same time I wish to give my clients the keys to self-support so that, in time, they can become their own therapist. I love it when clients spread their wings, make their own choices and experience the freedom of being true to themselves, rather than being who they think others want them to be. 

In my view, being a therapist is a bit like being a detective: people who come to me have often lost a sense of happiness and meaning, and a certain inner peace or security, and I accompany them on their search to find it again. When people contact me, often their lives are filled with chaotic thoughts and feelings, and many loose ends. Together we sort through everything out and put words to the chaos they experience. We know that our investigation is reaching an end when the client recovers a certain inner peace and life force. 

And then another quest can take over: the quest for self-realisation.